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The Model Factory@SIMTech features an actual production environment that allows for experiential experimentation and learning of digitalisation technologies for Industry 4.0. Model Factory@SIMTech is part of the Manufacturing Control TowerTM (MCTTM) program, which the focus will be on digitalisation technologies.

From a research viewpoint, the environment provides an ideal platform for the development of critical technologies such as Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS) and flexible automation across the three layers in a manufacturing environment, namely Shopfloor, Enterprise and Supply Chain. This will provide the essential platform for understanding the Sense & Response manufacturing paradigm, and the means to prototype new technologies, as a continuous learning journey for MCTTM.

From an industry viewpoint, it provides a platform for companies to learn, experiment and most importantly, co-create new technologies for the next-generation factories. The next-generation manufacturing technologies will require skill sets that are multi-disciplinary in nature and require continuous learning. The Model Factory@SIMTech will be able to provide these critical learning and practice opportunities through SIMTech’s proven Learn-Practise-Implement (LPI) model before actual implementation on-site.


Self-guided Virtual Tour of Model Factory@SIMTech

In light of COVID-19, SIMTech has prepared a 360º self-guided interactive virtual tour of Model Factory@SIMTech. The virtual tour consists of interactive buttons and information, in the form of videos, PowerPoint shows and website links. Do give our virtual tour a try and explore at your own pace.

*Do note that the virtual tour is not supported by Internet Explorer (IE). Please use recommended browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge.



Fully-connected Production Line


One of the key elements of Model Factory@SIMTech is a full-fledged any-mix-any-volume production line that encapsulates and mimics real-world problems while making actual products. This production line is also enriched by sensors to create an IOT-enabled environment to sense all conditions within the shopfloor and connected seamlessly to capture the data generated.

Cyber-Physical Production System (CPPS) Environment


Another key element of Model Factory@SIMTech is a CPPS environment to enable seamless control of the physical production line to demonstrate the benefits from full connectivity and visibility of all operations, and ability to respond effectively.

On-the-go decision support tools demonstrate the ability to be more productive and create higher value-adds by leveraging the latest in digitalisation to perform in a High-Mix-Low-Volume (HMLV) environment pushing towards Any-Mix-Any-Volume (AMAV), including the ability to customise to a batch size of 1. For example, through better asset utilisation by improving equipment effectiveness using MCTTM technologies, local companies have improved their productivity by 30% or more.

Immersive Learning Environment


Other key element of Model Factory@SIMTech includes an enhanced learning environment for in-factory training, with immersive hands-on capabilities. Participants would be able to experience, experiment and understand the usage and benefits of technologies before bringing them back to their respective companies.

Digital Transformation Journey


Digital Transformation doesn't just happen; it is a journey that companies are embarking on at varying speed and scale. Many companies, especially the SMEs quickly realised they could not undertake true digital transformation on their own.  Behind it are technology partners that worked across industry sectors for industrial outcomes.  SIMTech MPTC and its partner ecosystem work relentlessly to configure intelligence into “industrial IOT 4.0”-Ready.

To help the industry explore the relevance, discover and learn new possibilities/technologies, the Model Factory@SIMTech:
Showcases digital transformation technologies for Digital Transformation in an immersive environment. 
Collaboration with partners such as Boston Consulting Group to deliver immersive training for i4.0 era.

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Digital Transformation is not just about digital. It is about the transformation of the business value proposition, organisational processes, and people, by leveraging on the potentials of digital technologies.

SIMTech MPTC can help the industry formulate the business plan by:
prioritising their business challenges
selecting Methodology and Framework 
developing roadmap and plan
justifying business case

The aim is to help guides companies to plan and develop an actionable digital transformation roadmap for i4.0 with clear milestones and timeline to implement digital solutions at the supply chain, enterprise and shop floor levels.


With the roadmaps and business proposal on hand, companies can start to look for technologies and partners to implement the solutions. 

SIMTech MPTC offers an array of tested and Ready-To-Go solutions for companies to adopt easily in a cost-effective manner. The numerous years of experience in developing Ready-to-Go technology solutions have also led to the formation of technology extension partners to increase the scalability of technology development.

The role of the public sector is also vital in helping a small nation like Singapore maintain our competitiveness, and SIMTech MPTC aims to help the industry to kick-start i4.0 implementation with Public-Private Partnership and Whole of Government approach.

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Companies can choose to walk the journey alone or in partnerships - together with customers, suppliers, private and public technology providers, and even fellow businesses, to co-create new capabilities and growth.

SIMTech MPTC helps:
Partnering technology companies to co-develop leading-edge digital technologies for marketing beyond Singapore.
Work with homegrown solution providers to commercialise digital manufacturing technologies (from research) that can compete globally.

Learning how to collaborate in a deep and fruitful manner is often difficult due to established practises, entrenched mindsets, differing cultures and also compete for business. However, building such collaborations can be vital to companies' sustainability. 

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