Adaptive Manpower Scheduling

Adaptive Manpower Scheduling not only lets scheduler have an overview of manpower coverage and automatically create Employee Schedule, it also allows scheduler to respond to urgent tasks and leave requests in a timely manner. This will allow scheduler to make informed decisions and provide an optimized response on the go.

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Employee Scheduling


The Manpower Scheduling System lets you create schedules in one click, reassign tasks effortlessly and share scheduling changes with your employees instantly. In the Employee Schedule, leave requests are immediately updated to the scheduler for auto rescheduling.


Mobile Updates and Alerts


Each employee will be equipped with a mobile application which shows them the task assigned to them for the week. Employee will be able to update scheduler whether the task has been completed as well as apply sick or urgent leave. Any alerts on urgent task to be done can also be notified to employee on the go.


Employee Utilisation


The Adaptive Manpower Scheduling application has reporting features which provides an overview of manpower utilization and coverage, to assist the scheduler in making real-time decisions. By clicking on the Employee Utilisation Chart, the scheduler is able to see the manpower utilisation of each project, even down to each individual employee.


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