Smart Waste Manager

The system monitors waste generation from machines and helps you visualize waste condition in production shopfloor. With the real-time information, it reduces waste management effort thereby quick decision can be made.

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Real-Time Waste Monitoring Dashboard


The Waste Management Collections Plan (WMCP) application provides waste performance dashboard at shopfloor level. Users will be able to understand their waste generation and performance at one glance.


Real-Time Waste Generation Profile


Users can monitor waste generation for different time periods, with relevance to their production output and cost of waste materials.


Waste Alert Notification


To enable the application, waste bins with level sensors are deployed in the shopfloor. The waste level notification alerts shopfloor owner when a threshold is reached. More importantly, the auto alert notification contains waste information that is useful for waste collection company to plan for collection route optimally. The waste management solution is accomplished through the integration of WMCP and On-the-go Planning and Monitoring Solution (OPMS).


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