About SRIS

Executive Director's Message

Skin diseases affects more than 25% of our population and its prevalence is likely to increase as our population ages. More importantly, skin diseases exert a heavy burden to our society (both in terms of economic, social and defence sector) as well as adversely affecting patients and their family. From a economic value capture perspective, skin research has great potential to grow and consolidate the industry-facing research sector of personal care, and to anchor the skin and hair care, pharmbio as well as Medtech industry in Singapore.

With those key considerations in mind, SRIS was established as a collaboration between the Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR), National Skin Centre (NSC) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). It was launched in September 2013 and harnesses expertise of scientists, clinicians and engineers to foster and conduct high impact, inter-disciplinary skin research that would translate into improved health outcomes and quality of life.

Within a short span of 3 years, SRIS has established itself as a skin research institute of global significance, conducting inter-disciplinary and translational research with strong collaborations between industry, academia and clinical services. SRIS has also established training programs to train biologists, engineers and clinicians in skin research, to strengthen the foundation for a strong research base for skin research in Singapore.

Looking ahead, SRIS will transit from a virtual institute to establishing a physical presence in Novena campus with headquarter laboratories running 3 multi-disciplinary collaborative research programs. Our 3 flagship programs, the National Atopic Dermatitis Program, Wound Care in the Tropics program, and the Acne and Sebaceous Gland program will bring together expertise in clinical dermatology, epidemiology, bio-photonics imaging, cell biology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, immunologists and genetics to address key clinical questions and to ensure that we have the best chance of success in translating our research to improve patient care. We are confident of achieving better health outcomes for our patients with acne, eczema and chronic wounds.

In addition, SRIS will expand our research and innovation efforts in the area of skin imaging, image analysis and artificial intelligence, with the eventual aim to transform the paradigm of dermatology care in Singapore through the introduction of our digital dermatology program.

SRIS has much to contribute to Singapore and to the global skin research community. Working together, we will increase the understanding of skin biology in health and disease, towards development of new knowledge, technologies and therapeutics. We will improve the lives of patients suffering from skin diseases and reduce the burden of skin diseases in Singapore and globally; while nurturing innovation and value creation for our economy. By doing so, SRIS will anchor itself as a global centre of excellence for interdisciplinary skin research and innovation.

Join us in our exciting journey to realize this dream.