Skin Immunomonitoring Platform

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The Skin Immunomonitoring Platform provides researchers with cutting-edge technologies to understand the interaction between skin cells and immune cells in skin disease.

We provide cytometry services to researchers in SRIS and the wider scientific community in applications including:

  • Biomarker discovery
  • Modelling and development Immune cell composition
  • Immune response of mouse and human in health and disease
  • Clinical innovations.

Led by Dr Baptiste Janela and Dr Franklin Zhong, our specialist team provides guidance at each experimental stage, from the initial study design and staining protocols, to cell sorting, high-dimensional analysis, single cell analysis and data interpretation.

Key instrumentation

Becton Dickinson (BD) FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter 5 lasers

The FACSAria has these features:

  • high-speed cell sorter
  • fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell
  • housed in a biosafety cabinet
  • 5 lasers: blue (488nm), red (633nm), violet (405nm), yellow green (561nm) and UV lasers
  • detection up to 20 parameters simultaneously, with doublets discrimination in "sterile" conditions
  • sort up to 4 different populations at the same time into tubes or multiwell plates or onto microscope slides in temperature control (sample input and output)
  • variety of pressures and speeds which can be adjusted in function of cell size and fragi

FACSymphony A5.2 SORP Flow Cytometer

The FACSymphony has these features:

  • simultaneous detection of up to 50 parameters
  • 25 laser wavelengths to optimally configure your specific research application
  • possibility to use as conventional flow cytometer or as spectral analyser
  • last generation of flow cytometer

BD Rhapsody Express Single-Cell Analysis System

The BD Rhapsody has these features:

  • profiles the gene expression of thousands of single cells, with predesigned or customised assays flexible enough to meet any experimental need
  • faster, cheaper and more efficient than ever before
  • simultaneous analysis of protein and mRNA Expression in single cell utilizing oligonucleotide-conjugated antibodies for high parameter protein profiling: BD AbSeq Technology

Our services

The Skin Immunomonitoring Platform offers two service streams:

  1. full end-to-end service provided by specialist staff, and
  2. self-service access to specialised cytometry equipment.

In addition, our team provides advice and research assistance.

Cell Sorting

Cell sorting is operated by dedicated Flow Cytometry Core Facility personnel. Experienced staff will work with you on cell preparation and in identifying required populations.

Spectral cytometric analysis

Users are trained to run their samples on the spectral flow cytometer. Our staff can provide advice on cell preparation, choice of fluorochromes and protocols for many applications.

Single Cell RNA Sequencing

We provide advice on cell preparation, choice of Panel design, and type of scRNA-seq in accordance with your requirements. 


We provide training for all clients that wish to use the spectral analyser. Training is required before you can book the spectral analyser for independent use.

Data Analysis and Visualisation

We provide guidance on interpretation of results and support for preparing manuscripts i.e. figures, documents and methods.


If you have used Skin Immunomonitoring Platform technologies and support, please appropriately acknowledge us. For example: "This work was supported by the Skin Research Institute of Singapore, Skin Immunomonitoring Platform."


Spectrum viewer and Fluorescence SpectraViewer are tools that help you choose your fluorochromes and fluorophores to design multicolour panels.

BD FACSDiva™ and FlowJo are software for flow cytometry that enable data acquisition and analysis.


working with us

Collaborative research, consultancy, fee for service and training options are welcome. 

contact us

For more information on the Skin Immunomonitoring Platform, please contact Dr Baptiste Janela (Head of Operations)