Predictive Analytics in Supply and Demand Planning

Work Package 2.3 Predictive_analytics

Industry Challenges

Amidst the rise of e-commerce in an age of uncertainty, advanced analytics enable businesses to forge ahead of times by accurately pre-empting disruption scenarios and to make apt business decisions based on existing data. 

Predictive Analytics in Supply and Demand Planning Solution

Our Solution

A set of user-friendly engineering tools with Machine Learning and Deep Learning demand and sales forecasting models to be applied to existing and new products, paired with proper GUI to aid end-users in minimising human intervention. The solution analyses big data captured on all nodes of the supply chain, enabling seamless production planning and scheduling, hence stabilising production and avoiding disruption. 

Use Cases

● Demand forecasting using internal historical and/or external data with new algorithms capable of more accurate supply and demand forecasting
● Product similarity search engine ideal for new product forecasting based on existing big data analysis that helps businesses gain a competitive edge by catering to evolving customer demands

Industry Collaborations

Work in progress.