Warehouse Control Platform

Work package 3.2 Warehouse Control Platform

Industry Challenges

To outshine competitors, warehouse automation is on the rise. In order to facilitate the increasing use of more diverse and more autonomous robots within a single operation, an effective fleet management system helps to minimise warehouse footprint, and ultimately cuts operation cost. 

Warehouse Control Platform Solution

Our Solution

The Warehouse Control Platform is an affordable, intercommunicable warehouse control platform integrated with Warehouse Management System (WMS) that enables planning and resource optimisation through robot fleet management, providing bi-directional data from mobile robots. The platform should optimally manage a fleet of diver mobile robots composed of 20 to 50 vehicles. 

Use Cases

● Fleet management system that efficiently organises dynamic robot operations for warehouse optimisation
● Drone-based application catered to inventory management, warehouse auditing and outdoor delivery to boost productivity and to optimise manpower 

Industry Collaborations

Work in progress.