ARTC Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain 4.0 Supply Chain Control Tower

Located at A*Star's Advanced Remanufacturing & Technology Centre (ARTC), the ARTC Supply Chain Control Tower is built to deliver Supply Chain 4.0's core values across three pillars: Realm of Possibility, Innovation and Capability Building.

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A*Star & partners develop solutions for agile, resilient, and secure supply chains, and testbed them at the Supply Chain Control Tower.
The ARTC Supply Chain Control Tower serves to introduce value proposition of visibility, agility and automation in Supply Chain. The SCCT showcases ‘futuristic’ SC 4.0 use cases and experiential capability building for multiple participants. Suitable to all kinds of audiences – Ministerial, CxO, Managerial and Planners.

Leverage the Supply Chain Control Tower as a testbed, de-risk your operations, co-develop & deploy advanced supply chain technologies before integrating them into your businesses.