SME Tech Day 2022

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A*STAR’s SME Tech Day 2022 inspires SMEs to adopt an innovation mindset for growth and greater competitiveness. We showcase tech-related solutions from both private and public sectors, and encourage knowledge transfer between researchers and companies.

Hear from two inspiring keynote speakers who have turned fortunes around for their enterprises by building a sustainable business core, and gain insights from a panel discussion on how businesses can leverage technology to drive sustainability.

Through our annual T-Up Awards Ceremony, we celebrate the successes of local SMEs who have scaled their businesses to new heights. A*STAR is also proud to present the newly-minted T-Up Eagles Awards which recognise outstanding students from the Singapore Institute of Technology, who have excelled in their internships at our local SMEs.

Programme Highlights

Keynote speakers

Find out how Osteopore and Singnergy partnered with A*STAR to achieve growth and pursue their journey towards sustainability.

SWITCH 2022_Dr Lim Jing

Dr Lim Jing
Chief Technology Officer
Osteopore International Pte Ltd

SWITCH 2022_Ms Jessica Zhang

Ms Jessica Zhang
R&D Manager
Singnergy Corporation Pte Ltd

Panel discussion

The pandemic has accelerated digitalisation and fundamentally reshaped the way businesses operate. Now, as attention shifts beyond COVID-19, how can companies further tap on technology to build sustainable business models for future growth?

Join the discussion at our panel session with industry experts.

SWITCH 2022_Prof Yeoh Lean Weng

Prof Yeoh Lean Weng (moderator)
Chief Sustainability Officer

SWITCH_Mr Edwin Khew

Er Edwin Khew
Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore

SWITCH 2022_Ms Elise Hong

Ms Elise Hong
Co-founder & CEO
JCS-Echigo Pte Ltd

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Mr Soh Leng Wan
Assistant CEO, Manufacturing & Engineering
Enterprise Singapore