R&D Partnership with the Aerospace Industry

Established in 2007, the Singapore Aerospace Programme counts amongst its consortium members many, if not most, of the world’s top commercial aerospace OEMs and leading Singapore aerospace companies.


Members' Testimonies

Boeing appreciates our partnership with Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) which has offered invaluable resources and technical expertise to some of Boeing’s hard problems over the past decade. Boeing seeks to work with the best partners around the globe wherever they are located. This partnership has resulted in expeditious deployment of jointly developed technologies into Boeing products and services. 

Dr. Bill Lyons
Director, Global R&D Strategy
Boeing Research & Technology

The collaboration with the A*STAR Aerospace Programme is a key element in the Bombardier innovation system. We joined the program in cycle 4 and worked with ASTAR on a wide variety of subjects: composite repair, variable cycle stressing, super-hydrophobic coatings, chrome replacement coatings, automatic wire-routing, composite EMC protection and virtual aircraft testing. We work with ASTAR because of their skills, competence, professionalism, and their willingness to listen to our needs and propose ways forward. The unique formula of the Aerospace Programme allows finding of common ground with other members and jointly sponsor projects of mutual interest. 

Dr. Fassi Kafyeke
Senior Director, Strategic Technology & Innovation

DSTA is pleased to participate in the A*STAR Aerospace Programme working alongside leading aviation companies to push the frontiers of aerospace technology. Through this partnership with A*STAR, DSTA was able to reach out to other members to exchange ideas and best practices. DSTA looks forward to further expanding and strengthening the collaboration with the consortium. 

Mr. Tan Peng Yam
Chief Executive
Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) 

The A*STAR Aerospace Program Consortium has provided tremendous benefit to Honeywell Aerospace since we joined in 2010. The consortium is unique in many ways and no other academic, public, or private research organization provides a setting with the resources and professional researchers like A*STAR. A*STAR provides that critical level of pre-competitive research that benefits every consortium member. We rely on the fundamental applied research projects to boost many of our development programs. Honeywell looks forward to working with the A*STAR Consortium over the years to come. 

Mr. Keith Regan
Vice President, Global Repair and Overhaul Engineering
Honeywell International 

As a founding member of the A*STAR Aerospace Program (AP), Pratt & Whitney has been actively engaged with the research and development efforts during the 10-year history of the program. The collaboration with A*STAR researchers and interaction with members of the consortium have provided insights and benefits in addressing the challenges of aerospace repair and manufacturing. We look forward to strengthening our engagement with the A*STAR AP to advance our collective learning. 

Dr. William J. Brindley
Senior Fellow, Pratt & Whitney Engineering
Pratt & Whitney 

For the past 10 years, the A*STAR Aerospace Programme consortium has given us the opportunity to work closely with their research teams on a number of challenging Aerospace projects. The expertise of the A*STAR Research Institutes and the level of innovation demonstrated by the project teams have accelerated our focus on developing Smart Manufacturing technologies and digital IoT, which we can deploy in our aerospace products, services, assembly and MRO facilities. 

Dr. Bicky Bhangu
Regional Director, South East Asia and Pacific

As an active member of the A*STAR Aerospace Programme, SIAEC has benefitted from this unique programme that bridges specific technology needs of our industry to the wealth of research expertise in Singapore. This collaboration forms an integral part of our commitment to advance innovation and technology, and we look forward to more success in delivering cutting edge technology driven solutions. 

Mr. Foo Kean Shuh
Senior Vice President, Innovation & Technology
SIA Engineering Company 

Having worked in the aerospace, healthcare, and financial services industries for more than two decades, I have found Singapore to be a thriving market, innovative research center, and highly accessible gateway to Asia Pacific. With its extremely skilled workforce, technical talent, and broad range of government support and services, Singapore is an ideal place to locate operations. With its world-class airport and infrastructure, it is also an ideal place to base regional headquarter operations to access the highly populated and rapidly growing markets of ASEAN and the rest of Asia. In addition, the A*STAR organization provides access to the latest technology developments and scientific research across a wide range of industries and technical areas in conjunction with the leading businesses in each industry. The A*STAR facilities are state of the art, and the team of scientists and experts are all leaders in their fields. In short, Singapore is a great place to do business. I am therefore pleased to have Spirit AeroSystems join the A*STAR Aerospace Programme based on my favourable experience with Singapore and in view of the Programme’s vision to undertake pre-competitive research in aviation matters. The engineering and research collaboration with leaders in the global aerospace industry will be beneficial to all members, delivering significant impact in a cost effective manner. 

Mr. Thomas C. Gentile III
President & CEO
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.

Since joining the A*STAR Aerospace Programme in 2011, we have seen how the research collaboration has grown to become a mutually beneficial relationship between members of the consortium and the various A*STAR research institutions. We have also witnessed the strength of the researchers growing in understanding real life operation issues, through active intellect engagement with the member companies as well as actual involvement in the maintenance activities of the members’ facilities in Singapore. With the openness in sharing, close-knitted community spirit, we can expect a world-class research consortium in the making right here in Singapore. 

Mr. Lim Tau Fuie
Chief Technology Officer
ST Engineering Aerospace

Membership Tiers

The Singapore Aerospace Programme has a three-tier membership system. Membership is by invitation only.

 Tier Commitment   Benefits IP Arrangement 
  • Membership Fee
  • Participation in technical projects
  • Contribution of industrial technical challenges
  • Voting rights (300 points)
  • Full access to R&D results
  • Access to shared A*STAR resources through projects
  • Non-exclusive, royalty-free licenses on foreground intellectual property generated
  • Membership Fee
  • Participation in technical projects
  • Voting rights (100 points)
  • Full access to R&D results
  • Access to shared A*STAR resources through projects
  • Non-exclusive, royalty-bearing licenses on foreground intellectual property generated


for Singapore SMEs only
  • Membership Fee
  • Participation in technical projects
  • Voting rights (50 points)
  • Full access to R&D results
  • Access to shared A*STAR resources through projects
  • Non-exclusive, royalty-bearing licenses on foreground intellectual property generated