Academia Pathways

Research Symposia

Our Research Symposia aim to:

1) assist researchers in their preparation for upcoming grant calls through the sharing of experiences of past awardees

2) serve as a platform for peer mentorship.

These are usually organized prior to upcoming national-level grant calls such as the National Medical Research Council (NMRC) Young Individual Research Grant (YIRG), the National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellowship and the A*STAR Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) Young Individual Research Grant (YIRG).

Panel Discussions

We organize small group discussions where researchers with joint, adjunct and/or associate positions with local academic institutions share their journeys and advice. This is followed by networking.

Mock Grant Interviews

We organize mock panel interviews to help out shortlisted researchers prepare for the various selection stages of their grant applications.

We work with junior and senior Principal Investigators (PIs) and Executive Directors of the various A*STAR Research Institutes who make up the mock panel.

We also complement these mock interviews with courses on critical thinking and effective communication.