Development Awards

Annually, we provide competitive travel awards to select A*STAR researchers, enabling them to attend non-scientific conferences.

These awards are aimed at exposing our researchers to areas beyond mainstream scientific research that can enhance their career development as well as cultivate qualities such as leadership and entrepreneurship.

Examples of conferences our awardees have attended include:
GapSummit, TechConnect World, BioAsia and EMTECH Asia, SLUSH, ICT Innovations and Plotcon

Toastmasters Sponsorship Award

In FY20, we launched our inaugural Toastmasters Sponsorship Award in collaboration with the one-north Toastmasters Chapter.

These awards are aimed at providing our researchers access to a platform that nurtures inspiring communicators and leaders from the community to stand up and act with power.

Toastmasters uses public speaking as a medium and serves as a platform where one can sharpen his/her communication and leadership skills in a supportive environment.

Our initiative will give researchers a great opportunity to be involved in a year-long endeavor that promotes unlimited personal growth, self-confidence, self-awareness and leadership.