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Vision & Mission

We develop next-generation quantum technologies through cutting edge science and engineering, and train our talents to create a quantum-ready future for Singapore.

A world-class research centre dedicated to translating quantum science and engineering into technologies that create scientific and economic value.

A*STAR Chief Quantum Scientist's Message

Welcome to the A*STAR Quantum Innovation Centre (Q.InC) website - a vibrant playground for scientists, engineers, innovators and curious minds alike.

In our centre and on this website, you will find inspirational ideas, experiments and inventions in the realm of quantum science. As scientists, we explore the depths of the quantum world to learn about how to turn quantum physics into advanced technologies. We aim to use quantum phenomena to benefit our society. Step into our centre and see what new possibilities await.

We look forward to connecting with you! 

Professor Lam Ping Koy
A*STAR Chief Quantum Scientist
A*STAR Quantum Innovation Centre (Q.InC) 

Prof Lam Ping Koy