Biomedical Research Council (BMRC)

BMRC supports, oversees and coordinates public sector biomedical research and development activities in Singapore.

Science & Engineering Research Council (SERC)

SERC supports, oversees and coordinates public sector research and development in the physical sciences & engineering.

A*STAR Graduate Academy (A*GA)

A*GA advances human capital development through scholarships, fellowships and collaborative programmes with universities and other partners

Corporate Group

The Corporate Group supports the whole of A*STAR in achieving its mission.

A*STAR Joint Council (JCO)

A*STAR Joint Council Office (JCO) supports cross-organisational collaborative research to link capabilities in the fields of biomedical sciences, physical sciences and engineering disciplines.

Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL)

ETPL, A*STAR’s commercialisation arm promotes A*STAR’s research capabilities and facilitates the efficient transfer of technologies to industry.