The Science of a DIY Mask

The Science of a DIY Mask

When the COVID-19 outbreak began, A*STAR tasked our researchers and engineers to channel their focus towards coming up with innovations that would contribute to Singapore’s fight against COVID-19.

One ground-up initiative is a DIY mask, the result of brainstorming between our student researchers and scientists. Using easily available household materials and consumables, this DIY mask serves as an alternative to a commercial surgical mask if other options are unavailable or have been exhausted. This is timely, and will support the ongoing safe distancing measures.

The DIY mask was tested and evaluated at A*STAR, and also went through third party testing at TUV-SUD.

More information is available in an excerpt of the testing results here.

Watch this video tutorial to make your own reusable mask.

Note: This DIY reusable mask is not a surgical mask. Users should continue to observe personal hygiene and wash hands regularly with soap and water, and practice safe distancing measures.