Prof. Jackie Ying Receives 2018 Turkish Academy of Sciences Prize

Professor Jackie Y. Ying who heads A*STAR’s NanoBio Lab in Singapore has won the 2018 Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) Academy Prize in Science and Engineering Sciences. This award recognizes her pioneering work in the synthesis of advanced nanostructured materials for biomedical- catalytic- energy and advanced materials applications.

“It is a great honor to receive this Prize from the Turkish Academy of Sciences. I am grateful to be able to do exciting research with the talented scientists and dedicated staff at NanoBio Lab in Singapore. Technological breakthroughs can help to improve the quality of lives and benefit society in many ways. It is my hope that we can make a distinct impact through many successful clinical translation and commercialization of our research-” said Professor Ying. She has mentored numerous PhD students- postdoctoral fellows and research staff. She featured on Clarivate Analytics’ list of Highly Cited Researchers 2018 for Cross-Field publications- and has over 350 publications in leading journals. She is widely recognized for her inventions- which have led to over 180 patents and patent applications. 32 of her inventions have been licensed to multinational companies and start-ups for diverse applications including nanomedicine- drug delivery- medical implants- cell and tissue engineering- biosensors and medical devices.

The TÜBA Academy Prizes have been presented annually since 2015 in three categories to eminent scientists who demonstrate original- leading and groundbreaking work in their fields. The three award categories are Science and Engineering Sciences- Health and Life Sciences- as well as Social and Human Sciences. Candidates are nominated by TÜBA members- science academies and inter-academy organizations that collaborate with TÜBA- as well as other international scientific institutions and scientists who have been invited as nominators. The nominees in each category are evaluated by a Prize Committee composed of TÜBA members and renowned scientists- who select the winners via a rigorous peer review of their work.

Professor Ying is the only female recipient of the TÜBA Academy Prizes in 2018. She is also the first woman to receive the TÜBA Academy Prize in Science and Engineering Sciences. The other 2018 TÜBA Academy Prize winners are Professor Fatih Mehmet Uҫkun of the University of Minnesota (winner in Health and Life Sciences category)- and Professor Bold Luvsandorj of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and Professor Viorel Panaite of the University of Bucharest (joint winners of the Social and Human Sciences category). Previous laureates come from Austria- Canada- Hungary- Pakistan- Turkey and USA.

The 2018 winners received their prizes from His Excellency- President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a special ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Ankara- Turkey yesterday (December 26). Each laureate received an Academy Medal and USD 30-000. More details can be found at http://www.tuba.gov.tr.

Images (Credit: NanoBio Lab- A*STAR):

Professor Jackie Ying (right) and her daughter with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the TÜBA award ceremony in the Presidential Palace.

Professor Jackie Ying (right) and her daughter with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the TÜBA award ceremony in the Presidential Palace.

Professor Jackie Y. Ying

Professor Jackie Y. Ying

  • A*STAR Senior Fellow- NanoBio Lab
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers One Hundred Engineers of the Modern Era
  • US National Academy of Inventors
  • Mustafa Prize Laureate

  • > 350 publications
  • > 180 primary patents
  • 32 licensed patents
  • Board member of 10 start-ups and 2 venture capital funds
  • Editor-in-Chief- Nano Today

    Professor Ying’s research is interdisciplinary in nature- with a theme in the synthesis of advanced nanostructured materials for biological- medical- catalytic and energy applications. Her laboratory has been responsible for several novel wet-chemical and physical vapor synthesis approaches that create nanocomposites- nanoporous materials and nanodevices with unique size-dependent characteristics. These new systems are designed for applications ranging from biosensors and diagnostics- immunotherapy and targeted delivery of drugs- cell culture substrates and biomaterials- in vitro toxicology and drug screening- pharmaceuticals and chemicals synthesis- to battery and fuel cells.


    About NanoBio Lab (www.a-star.edu.sg/nbl)
    NanoBio Lab is a multidisciplinary lab that is committed to improving lives through scientific discovery and technological innovation. Using nanotechnology- we create new materials and systems with unique functions and enhanced properties for advanced applications. We work closely with hospitals and industry to shape the future of medicine- consumer care and energy. Our research focus includes high-precision drug delivery vehicles- biocompatible materials for cell culture and medical use- portable detection kits for infectious diseases and food pathogens- intelligent sensors for environmental pollutants and food fraud- organs-on-chip for toxicology testing- and innovative energy storage solutions. Our vision is to improve the world through nanotechnology. Under the direction of renowned nanotechnology researcher- Professor Jackie Y. Ying- the NanoBio Lab works at the intersection of chemistry- materials science- engineering- and medicine to develop new nanocomposites- biomaterials- devices and biosystems to tackle major global challenges. As a nationally funded Laboratory- we contribute toward the growth of Singapore’s economy by nurturing research talents- creating portfolios of intellectual properties- and commercializing new technologies.

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