Capturing economic value, discovering treatments in skin research in Singapore

The Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS) has attracted big name skincare players to bring their research labs in Singapore. A*STAR's SRIS is partnering with major industry players such as L’Oreal and P&G for global skincare projects which have brought innovative products to the international market. Local SME, Hyphens Pharma is developing products for eczema and acne through its collaboration with SRIS. Assoc Prof Steven Thng, Executive Director of SRIS says the institute focuses on discovering cures, alleviating the suffering of patients with chronic skin diseases, and capturing economic value. 

Researchers from SRIS have also developed a prototype 3D printer which can produce customised hydrogel dressings for patients with chronic wounds. The 3D printer is the brainchild of Dr Cyrus Beh, Senior Research Fellow from the Molecular Engineering Lab with hopes to provide more effective wound treatment to patients at polyclinics and hospitals. Dr Beh aims to take the printer to clinical trials within the next two years. 

SRIS is a collaboration between A*STAR, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and the National Skin Centre.