DSO - A*STAR MoU signing on Strategic partnership in R&D


8 January 2020

SINGAPORE – To further strengthen Singapore's defence capabilities, DSO National Laboratories and A*STAR have entered a strategic partnership in R&D to develop solutions in Artificial Intelligence, advanced electronics and additive manufacturing, among others.

A*STAR has been cooperating with DSO on innovations in various scientific domains, contributing A*STAR technologies to address public sector needs.

The formal establishment of bilateral cooperation through this MoU will serve communal goals of technological advances for both defence and dual-use applications, and also advance science within the wider research community.

DSO will be able to tap on A*STAR's R&D talent, facilities, technologies and expertise. The continued scope of cooperation involves Research and Development, Technical Consultancy, Staff Exchanges and attachments in areas of mutual interests, thus ensuring that the top talent of the local R&D ecosystem is circulated.

The partnership will be led by the DSO-A*STAR Steering Committee, co-chaired by Chief Executive Officer of DSO and the Chief Executive of A*STAR who will set the strategic direction and key areas of focus for the collaboration.