Launch of A*STAR's Model Factory @ ARTC

ARTC Model Factory

ARTC Model Factory

A*STAR launched its 15-000-square-foot Model Factory at the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (Model Factory @ ARTC) on 23 August 2018. 

The Guest-of-Honour- Dr. Koh Poh Koon- Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry- delivered a speech on the importance of digitalisation for the manufacturing sector. SMS Koh noted that A*STAR's Model Factory Initiative is an important platform for companies across the value chain to learn about advanced manufacturing technologies so they can reinvent themselves through technology co-innovation and adoption.

Key features of the Model Factory @ ARTC include the Virtual Manufacturing Lab which will help companies adopt virtual reality and digital twin technologies as they embark on a digital transformation- as well as the Manufacturing Intelligence Control Room which helps factory managers in decision-making by offering a comprehensive view of the entire factory's operations in real time and at a glance. The Model Factory @ ARTC complements the Model Factory @ SIMTech launched in October 2017. About 50 companies have taken part in A*STAR's Model Factory Initiative.

ARTC also embarked on new partnerships with Nestlé- Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Shell. Nestlé and P&G will collaborate with ARTC to develop Industry 4.0 technologies to improve performance and capital efficiency in their factories- and more importantly- accelerate delivery of products to meet fast-changing consumer needs- while Shell will work with ARTC to develop advanced manufacturing technologies to improve the productivity of its manufacturing plants through digitalisation.

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