Leaders in Science Forum 2018

The Leaders in Science Forum aims to bring together top technologists- policy makers- industry professionals and academics to share insights on research strategies and policies; and discuss how governments- industries and social communities can collaborate on the transformation of our economy through science- technology and innovation.

This year's Leaders in Science Forum at one-north Festival was themed "The Future of Work and Wellness: Life; Society; Technology and Ethics" to examine how technology and skills will be leveraged in the future to promote economic growth- create good jobs- and improve people's lives.

At the forum- Mr Chan Chun Sing- Minister for Trade and Industry- delivered the opening address and spoke about three sets of outcome indicators he believed would be useful for the scientific community when it came to measures of success - creating new competitive edges for businesses- translating scientific results to improve quality of life- and inspiring the next generation of scientists.

He also spoke about the importance of developing "a new bilingualism" - between science and business- as well as social understanding. Those who are bilingual in science and storytelling- and who have the necessary mind-set to put in place systems and regulations to better enable the community.