A*STAR's Software Engineering Community of Practice: Developing Software Innovations

The A*STAR Software Engineering Community of Practice (CoP) was launched in May 2022, with the objectives of bolstering identity and recognition of software engineering professionals, facilitating sharing and learning for proliferation of best practices, tools and methodologies and enabling collaboration among various A*STAR entities. The CoP aims to catalyse members’ professional development with training, certification and mentorship opportunities and establish a supportive network for software engineering professionals in A*STAR.

Watch and find out how the members of Software Engineering CoP -Zheng Yitao, Clare Tan and Tan Joo Hong stay passionate about the work they do and their interests outside of work.

Zheng Yitao, a research engineer at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), A*STAR, is a full-stack software developer in the Integrated Digital Product Centre (IDPC). His work entails translating A*STAR digital research outcomes into commercial applications. He enjoys exploring the latest solutions, programming languages and software tools to develop commercially viable products with his teammates.

Together with colleagues from other A*STAR Research Institutes, Yitao helped to bridge the gap between research findings and commercialisation, with the aim to improve business outcomes.

His passion is to create useful and robust applications that improve the quality of life for the wider public. Applying his programming skills, Yitao works on smart home automation using Home Assistant in his free time.

Community of Practice - Yitao

Watch what goes into Yitao’s work as a software engineer in A*STAR

Clare Tan, a senior research engineer at the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), A*STAR, is a full-stack software engineer with a keen interest in frontend development. This has driven her to focus on developing user-friendly web and mobile applications.

Her projects range from transport simulation to network graph knowledge representation and even child development. The broad range of domains and requirements provides her a platform to acquire new skills and develop new frameworks continually. Clare enjoys the dynamic environment as work is never dull and achieves a sense of accomplishment from the different projects.

Community of Practice - Clare

Watch and find out about Clare’s passion outside of work

Tan Joo Hong, a senior research engineer at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), A*STAR, is interested in solving problems through computing solutions. This has motivated him to constantly improve his programming skills and think out of the box to create efficient and effective solutions.

"This helps manufacturing companies produce more with less, with greater visibility and control", said Joo Hong. His work with industry partners has produced dashboarding solutions that have helped them increase business productivity and make more timely decisions. To stay ahead of the curve, Joo Hong also continuously learns and contributes to the online community.

Community of Practice - Joo Hong

Watch how Joo Hong solves real-life issues by using technology creatively