A*STAR Software Engineering Community of Practice: Software Engineers Who Make a Difference

The A*STAR Software Engineering Community of Practice (CoP) was launched in May 2022, with the objectives of bolstering identity and recognition of software engineering professionals, facilitating sharing and learning for proliferation of best practices, tools and methodologies and enabling collaboration among various A*STAR entities. The CoP aims to catalyse members’ professional development with training, certification and mentorship opportunities and establish a supportive network for software engineering professionals in A*STAR.

Watch and find out how the members of Software Engineering CoP – Aloysius, Kristabel and Pauline stay passionate about the work they do and their interests outside of work

Aloysius Lim, a research engineer at the A*STAR Bioinformatics Institute (BII), is a full-stack developer in Biomedical Data Architecture & Repository, who is enthusiastic in web development. He is passionate about developing user-friendly applications, as well as software codes that are simple and easily understood by other developers.

Aloysius is involved in projects that support clinical research data management through software development and solutions architecture and creates effective solutions on the cloud. He continuously learns from a variety of sources and validates his cloud expertise through Amazon Web Services certification.

Watch what goes into Aloysius’s work as a software engineer in A*STAR.

Software Engineering Community of Practice - Aloysius Lim (BII)

Kristabel Khoo, a senior research engineer at the A*STAR Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), is an Augmented Reality developer in the Smart Virtual Systems (SVS) team. She explores the use of immersive technology in various industries to address real world industry problems.

Kristabel enjoys the process of developing an AR application, from identifying the bottleneck, conceptualising the solution, coding, collaborating with UI/UX designers and domain experts, to testing the final product. Through the creation of visually pleasing and functional AR applications, she finds great satisfaction in contributing to the development of solutions that cater to the unique needs of each industry.

Watch what goes into Kristabel’s work as a software engineer in A*STAR.

Software Engineering Community of Practice - Kristabel Khoo (ARTC)

Pauline Chen, an assistant manager at the A*STAR Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), is a full stack developer in the Genome Research Informatics and Data Science (GRIDS) Platform. Together with her team as part of the institute's core scientific computing platform, she designs and builds solutions for data organisation, analysis, and management.

Supporting the various genomic laboratories hosted in GIS, Pauline applies her skillset and creativity in crafting solutions across these domains, while at the same time, honing technical skills and acquiring biological knowledge. She finds great satisfaction contributing to the global effort in genomic research and enjoys the supportive work environment that encourages learning.

Watch what goes into Pauline’s work as a software engineer in A*STAR.

Software Engineering Community of Practice - Pauline Chen (GIS)