To develop industry-ready capabilities towards deepening alignment of public sector research, and to develop multidisciplinary and integrated programmes with early industry involvement.

Programmes are expected to lead to industry participation within 3-5 years. This encompasses new programmes, as well as existing programmes that have demonstrated strong track record of success and industry potential. Programmes supported should be aligned with domains’ themes and strategies.

Key Criteria: Potential for industry development and economic impact.

IAF-PP is governed by a Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC), and comprises CEO A*STAR, MD EDB and CEO NRF. The SOC makes decisions on all IAF-PP policies and programmes and is co-chaired by CEO A*STAR and MD EDB.

All submitted applications are subject to technical and commercial considerations, and to the final evaluation and assessment by the IAF-PP SOC.

The list of projects that have been awarded under the IAF-PP can be found at the respective links below:


Programme Director should:
  • hold at least 0.7 FTE primary appointment in a Singapore publicly funded research or tertiary education;
  • run a laboratory or research programme that carries out research in Singapore; and
  • have a track record of leadership ability in coordinating research programmes and providing mentorship to research team, as well as having productive research outcomes.


For IAF-PP AME Domain,

There is no deadline for the Letter of Intent (LOI) submission. LOIs can be submitted any time throughout the year.

For IAF-PP HBMS Domain,

Applications are coordinated in grant cycles. Information on our grant cycles are provided below.

LOIs can be drafted based on:
1) Directed approach: Themes announced by Implementing Agency (IA); or
2) Non-directed approach: Ground-up date(s) that do not fall under announced theme(s)

Applications must be endorsed by the applying Institution(s) prior to submission, and proof of endorsement should be turned in together with your completed LOI.

All queries and applications must be submitted through A*STAR (as Implementing agency) at the email addresses indicated below.


Cycle No.
Deadline and Status
Cycle 1
LOI Submission
25 Aug 2016, 1800h (Closed)
Full Proposal Submission
17 Feb 2017, 1800h (Closed)
Cycle 2
LOI Submission
27 Feb 2017, 1800h (Closed)
Full Proposal Submission
22 May 2017, 1800h (Closed)
Cycle 3
LOI Submission
14 Aug 2017, 1800h (Closed)
Full Proposal Submission
27 Oct 2017, 1800h (Closed)
Cycle 4
LOI Submission
05 Apr 2018, 1800h (Closed)
Full Proposal Submission
25 July 2018, 1800h (Closed)
Cycle 5
LOI Submission
15 July 2019, 1800h (Closed)
Full Proposal Submission
14 Oct 2019, 1800h (Closed)
Cycle 6LOI Submission21 Aug 2020, 1800h (Closed)
Full Proposal SubmissionEnd Nov 2020 TBC


Relating to IAF-PP HBMS Domain: for further enquiries.

Relating to IAF-PP AME Domain: for further enquiries.