At A*STAR, we believe in going beyond our core mission of developing Singapore as a world-class research and knowledge hub to benefit society at large. We are committed to contributing in a focussed manner, tapping on our strengths, expertise and people to make a positive difference.


Our CSR policy comprises three core thrusts:

  • Science: Promote R&D to the community and inspire our next generation to discover the wonders of science
  • Community: Promote corporate philanthropy and volunteerism to create a caring and socially responsible workforce
  • Environment: Promote responsible environmental practices for a sustainable world

Guided by these pillars, we nurture and foster a spirit of community and volunteerism that promotes the virtue of placing others before self. By organising initiatives such as RI-led community involvement activities, outreach programmes and fundraising events, we strengthen our relationships with our people, youths and community partners to build a better world for all.