Welcome to A*STAR Skin Research Labs (A*SRL).

Skin disorders represent a growing healthcare challenge both in Asia and globally. In 2021, A*SRL was established as an independent research institute, to conduct high impact, clinically relevant, skin research. By supporting and fostering dynamic skin research collaborations among the academic, industry and clinical communities we aim to tackle some of the most important skin related conditions today. Though A*SRL was newly minted in August 2021, our roots run deep as we utilize the vast knowledge, experiences, and leadership of our pioneers in the field of Skin Biology to establish ourselves.

Through our partnership with SRIS, we aim to build upon our core strengths with strategic research programs which are targeted to address the needs of society and provide innovative solutions for improved skin health and patient care through excellence in research. Together with SRIS, we endeavour to contribute to the global R&D ecosystem and spur innovation through the four key pillars of our research: wound care, inflammatory skin diseases, skin ageing and pigmentation disorders, and skin microbiome.

Our institute is home to a global faculty of skin researchers whose focus is on defining healthy skin and on understanding the drivers of skin diseases and disorders. Through collaborations with our clinical and industry partners we aim to develop novel actives to promote healthy skin, and therapeutics and diagnostics to improve patient care.

As we look to A*SRLs future, our passion for and capabilities in skin research will be evident in the world class staff and students we train, the excellent science that we do, and the meaningful impact we will have on skin health for all. 

Vision & Mission

To promote scientific excellence and conduct high quality, cutting-edge skin research.
To create innovative products and solutions for improved skin health with economic and societal impact.

Organisational chart