IMCB warmly welcomes new Acting Executive Director, Dr Su Xinyi

Dr Su Xinyi ( IMCB Acting Executive Director )
“I want to challenge all IMCBians to embrace a growth mindset, a mindset of transformation, as we respond to the challenges ahead of us.”

Dr Su Xinyi is our new Acting Executive Director at IMCB. Beyond her roles as Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist at National University Hospital and Research Director of the Translational Retinal Research Laboratory at IMCB, Dr Su is building on the strong foundation established by her predecessors to take IMCB to new heights.

As a clinician scientist, Dr Su is well-poised to help IMCB foster deeper ties with the local clinical community and spearhead our mission to harness biology for transformational biotherapeutics and diagnostics.

Dr Su’s vision for IMCB is threefold – Scientific Excellence, Collaborative Culture, and Mentorship. IMCB will focus on building world-class research in the key areas of neurometabolism, molecular biology of disease, cell engineering and therapy. At the same time, we continue to scout out strategic opportunities and adapt to shifts in global trends. To achieve scientific excellence, IMCB emphasises a collaborative culture – both within IMCB and with other research institutes across both the biomedical and science and engineering councils. Importantly, to sustain our strong research capabilities, Dr Su is leading the charge to build more structured mentorship programmes to support and uplift our scientists in their journey at IMCB.

Beyond her busy job as a clinician, scientist, and administrator, Dr Su strikes a great work-life balance and treasures the simple joys in life – family, food, and a good night’s sleep.