About ISCE²

The Institute of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy and Environment (ISCE2) “Easy Square” was established by A*STAR in 2022 to support Singapore’s sustainability goals, including the Singapore Green Plan and Zero Waste Masterplan, through strong partnerships with academia, public agencies, and industry.
ISCE2 aims to help industries transition to renewable carbon and green chemistry, accelerated by digitalization and automation in three focus areas:

  • Decarbonisation, which focuses on reducing carbon dioxide emissions through conversion to fuels, chemicals, construction materials, etc.;
  • Green materials, including the development of environmentally friendly products which are biodegradable and circular materials which can be recycled and upcycled;
  • Green processes, that reduce carbon footprint and solvent waste, and improve energy efficiency, for example in sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing.

With its core competences in organic and biomolecular chemistry, sustainable polymers, formulation technologies, catalysis, and process R&D, the institute will advance R&D in areas such as low-carbon technologies, carbon life cycle assessment, sustainable materials and green manufacturing processes. ISCE2 is a re-organisation of A*STAR’s former Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences.