Prof Loh Xian Jun
Executive Director, ISCE2
Executive Director, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering
Dr Xu Jianwei
Deputy Executive Director (Research), ISCE2
Prof Yeoh Lean Weng
Chief Sustainability Officer, A*STAR,
Advisor, ISCE2,
Advisor, Urban and Green Technology Horizontal Technology Programme Office (UGT HTPO),
Advisor, Urban Solutions and Sustainability Innovation & Enterprise (USS I&E)
Consultant, Public Sector Science & Technology Policy & Plans Office (S&TPPO)

Dr Peter Nagler
Chief Innovation Officer, A*STAR
Advisor, ISCE2

Dr Ng Wai Kiong
Deputy Executive Director, ISCE2

Dr Calum MacBeath
Director, Formulation Technologies, ISCE2

Assoc Prof Li Zibiao
Director, Sustainable Polymers, ISCE2
Dr Lim Yee Hwee
Director, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, ISCE2

Dr Brendan Burkett
Director, Scientific Infrastructure & Analytics, ISCE2

Dr Armando Borgna
Director, Special Projects, ISCE2
Prof Huang Kuo-Wei
Director, Catalysis & Reaction Engineering, ISCE2

Mrs Eleanor Ng
Director, Corporate Services, ISCE2

Dr Connie Liu
Dr Connie Liu
Director, Strategy Management, ISCE2

Mr Norhazry Johari
Director, Business Development, ISCE2