A*STAR announces transformation to deliver more outcomes in RIE 2020 and beyond

On 27 March 2018- A*STAR announced its transformation against the backdrop of increasing technological change and disruption; shifting industry and national needs; and intensifying global and regional competition.

This transformation aligns A*STAR closely with the national priorities of the Government- and strategic thrusts of RIE2020- namely:

  • The shift towards a domain-based framework that considers economic and societal outcomes;
  • A continued move towards competitive funding for both bottom-up and thematically-driven initiatives- with mechanisms to incentivise public-private collaborations; and
  • An emphasis on value-creation and flow-through from research to economic and societal impact with RIE investments.

A*STAR’s transformation will allow it to be fit-for-purpose and future-ready. The changes will ensure A*STAR is more agile in its use of resources and talents- and deliver even more meaningful and impactful outcomes.

How A*star R&D activities will be organised

These constructs represent a system of management for specific research and development activities. For example- a system of management for basic science is different from a system of management for industry-oriented activities.

This shift will provide researchers with greater clarity about funding and evaluation for the different research activities they are involved in. They will also have more opportunities to play a bigger role in research in A*STAR and the wider economy- allowing the organisation to better carry out its mission to create growth and enhance lives.

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