Mr Iswaran’s visit to Addvalue Technologies Pte Ltd

Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry)- Mr Iswaran’s visit to Addvalue Technologies Pte Ltd on 17 Nov 2016

Addvalue Technologies is a leading local company specialising in digital- wireless and broadband communication technology products. It also provides state-of-the-art satellite-based communications terminals and solutions. The visit showcased a few technologies such as the satellite comms solution systems- anechoic chamber - where antennas are designed and developed; and reliability test labs which simulate extreme weather conditions for the satellites.

Addvalue Technologies has tapped on A*STAR's expertise through programmes such as the Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) scheme where A*STAR's scientists- engineers or researchers are seconded to build the companies' in-house technology capabilities. Through this- A*STAR has helped Addvalue to gain competitive advantages in the digital economy.