About the Grant

This grant opportunity aims to promote research and development bilateral collaboration between Singapore based research institutes, CSIRO and commercial partners through joint scientific research projects. The partnership further strengthens the bilateral research cooperation under the ambit of the Singapore-Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP) Science and Innovation Pillar 1. Building on the momentum of the Innovations in Food for Precision Health programme, the partnership program aims to promote research collaboration on topics spanning an expanded scope of thematic areas. 

Projects funded under the partnership are required to focus on one or more of the four following Field of Research areas:

1. Food and health
2. Digital and environment 
3. Advanced manufacturing and future materials
4. Low emission technologies and circular economy solutions.

The program supports projects that are at the experimental development end of the research continuum; translating research for commercial impact; moves discoveries along the pathway to commercialisation; accelerates commercialisation and entrepreneurial activities and/or ‘de-risks’ for future commercial investors.

Grant amount and period

The grant percentage varies depending on your amount of co-contributions from industry partner organisations. 

Contributions are required to be provided by one or more industry partner from both Australia and Singapore, with contributions permitted to be cash or in-kind. While industry partners need not contribute in equal amount or match their co-investment, industry co-contributions will be viewed favourably. Industry partners’ contribution type and amount will be taken into consideration during the project selection process. 

CSIRO Business Unit co-investment is encouraged and will also be taken into consideration during the project selection process. 

There is no minimum or maximum grant amount, but grants cannot exceed the amount of available funds.

As a guide, we expect that average grants requests will be around $500,000, ie SGD $250,000 and AUD $250,000 per project, for projects of up to 2 years’ duration.

An example of how (2+2) partnership projects are expected to be funded is below:

Project Team AAUD Grant SGD GrantIndustry Contribution
CSIRO researchersAUD $250,000 ($125,000 CSIRO Global, $125,000 CSIRO BU)*--
Singapore-based Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators-SGD $250,000 (inclusive of 30% indirect costs)-
Australian partner/s--AUD $250,000 (contributions permitted to be cash or in-kind)
Singapore partner/s--SGD $250,000 (contributions permitted to be cash or in-kind)

*CSIRO BU contribution type and amount will be taken into consideration during the project selection process.

Total grant amount: $500,000 (ie, AUD $250,000 and SGD $250,000)
Total project cost: $1,000,000 (i.e., AUD. $500,000 and SGD $500,000)

Proposers are responsible for any project costs beyond agreed amounts awarded.
The duration of a collaborative research project shall be no longer than two years (twenty-four (24) months) in total from the start date.


To be eligible for grant funding, a joint research-industry (2+2) partnership project must be proposed that includes the following:
  • a CSIRO Principal Investigator 
  • Singapore-based Principal Investigator holding a primary appointment of at least 75% in a local publicly funded institution and salaried by the institution
  • at least one Australian based industry partner; and
  • at least one industry partner operating in Singapore
In addition, the project must be focused on one or more of the four listed Fields of Research:

1. Food and health
2. Digital and environment 
3. Advanced manufacturing and future materials
4. Low emission technologies and circular economy solutions. 

For more details on eligibility, please refer to section 4 “Eligibility and selection criteria” in the guideline.

Grant Call Timeline

Launch of Call for Proposals08 April 2024
Closing of Call for Proposals31 May 2024, 11:59pm (Singapore Time)
Joint ReviewEarly August 2024
Notification of selected projectsEnd August 2024
Negotiations of grant arrangements or agreements60 days 
Funding CommencementExecution date of funding arrangement

Application Procedure

Before applying, please read and understand this grant opportunity guidelines (in the link below), paying close attention to all eligibility and selection criteria and attach detailed evidence that supports the application.
To apply, you must:

  • complete and submit a single joint application (final submissions will need to be submitted by the Singapore-based PI via the A*STAR iGrants portal)
  • provide all the information requested 
  • include endorsement by the relevant Head of Institute or Business Unit leader
  • include all necessary attachments

Applications must contain all the information necessary for assessment without the need for further written or oral explanation, or reference to additional documentation, unless requested by the program team.

You are responsible for making sure your application is complete and accurate. If we consider that you have provided false or misleading information, we may not progress your application. If you find an error in your application after submitting it, you should contact us immediately at: 

For Australia-based applicants, please direct further queries to:

For Singapore-based applicants, please direct further queries to:

Application Materials

For Enquiries

Please email for further enquiries.