About the Grant
IAF-ICP accepts applications at any time throughout the year. Applications should be emailed directly to the secretariat (see below for application materials).

IAF-ICP is intended to support public research performers in strategic R&D projects with industry by applying and commercialising public sector research capabilities, IPs and technologies towards industry-relevant challenges.

This grant is different from typical academic grants, as proposals will be assessed primarily on their potential economic impact. This includes:

- the level of the industry partner’s commitment to R&D in Singapore;

- potential for job creation;

- potential for product development, manufacturing and other significant economic activity; and

- technology-and people-capabilities developed locally-based company (startup, SME, LLE and/or MNC)

The maximum duration of IAF-ICP projects should not exceed 3 years (36 months)

IAF-ICP is governed by a Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC) comprising CEO A*STAR, MD EDB, ACE ESG and CEO NRF. The SOC makes decisions on all IAF-ICP policies and project approvals.

IAF-ICP is open to all public research performer Institutions in Singapore.

Companies are not eligible, nor will they be considered as co-applicants.

All applications are to be submitted by Institutions – applications submitted directly by individual researchers will not be accepted.

Application Procedure
The application process is summarised in the schematic below:
Application process_50


Potential applicants should not be confused with the scheme known as IAF Pre-Positioning Programmes (IAF-PP). IAF-PP is intended to develop industry-ready capabilities and integrated and multidisciplinary programmes with early industry involvement. Such programmes should have the potential to contribute to the growth of new sectors and catalyse new activities in existing sectors.

Unlike IAF-ICP, IAF-PP projects do not require upfront industry commitment, but are expected to lead to industry projects and investment in 3 to 5 years.

MTC IAF-PP and HHP IAF-PP+ are run closer to typical academic grants, in that there is a science/technology review.  However, industry relevance continues to be an important criteria, and proposals with strong potential industry applications and interest will have an advantage.

The differences between IAF-ICP and IAF-PP are summarised in the table below:
Application open to public research performers only

Provides partial funding for strategic industry projects with economic outcomes

Supports development of industry-ready capabilities and integrated and multidisciplinary programmes with early industry involvement

Upfront commitment from Industry Partner(s) required

(separate applications to MTC, HHP, SNDE, USS+)

+The 4 R&D Domains under the national RIE2025 funding framework are: Manufacturing, Trade and Connectivity (MTC), Human Health and Potential (HHP), Smart Nation and Digital Economy (SNDE), and Urban Solutions and Sustainability (USS).

More details are available at 

Application Materials
The IAF-ICP Implementing Agency (IA), together with SOC Agencies, have recently reviewed the application process, and will be trialing a new one-stage only proposal evaluation .

Please find the following relevant documents for your proposal submission:

1. Full Proposal Template (template available here; please fill in and submit in Word format)
2 Section 2 of the Full Proposal – ICP Budget Request (template available here; please fill in and submit in Excel format)
3. Frequently Asked Questions (available here)
4.     Guidelines for Demonstrating Actualisation of Industry Contributions (available here)
5.     A*STAR T&Cs 2020; (available here)
6. A*STAR Guidelines 2020; and (available here)

Please submit your proposal directly to the IAF-ICP Implementing Agency at <> using only the provided templates.

Proposals must be endorsed by the Research Office and preferably, also the Innovation & Enterprise Office (or Technology Transfer Office) of each applying Institution.

Applicants may be requested to submit supplementing documents and/or clarifications.

For Enquiries
For further clarifications, please check with your Research Office and/or Innovation & Enterprise Office, or contact the IAF-ICP Implementing Agency at <>.