Synthetic Biology

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Fong Tian’s education, which encompasses degrees from both Imperial College London and Stanford University under the supervision of Professor Chaitan Khosla, has provided her with a comprehensive and diverse understanding of chemical engineering with a focus on biocatalysts and biosynthetic engineering. She is honoured to have honed her skills in the dynamic and diverse Molecular Engineering Lab under the guidance of Nobel Prize winner Sydney Brenner.

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, 2012
BSC in Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, 2006
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Microbe engineering, enzyme discovery, bioproduction, genetic technology, protein engineering


Synthetic biology presents to us exciting opportunities where biology is used to enable engineering and in turn, engineering is used to redesign biology. The Molecular Engineering lab brings together multi-disciplinary individuals in the fields of biochemistry, bioinformatics, enzyme and genetic engineering, to develop novel technologies and applications. Within this network of expertise, we are interested to examine and apply correlations from genes to proteins to product towards applications for sustainability, natural product discovery and human health.