Chuan YAN

Lab Location: #3-13  Email:  Tel: 65869516

Chuan Yan trained with Prof. Gong Zhiyuan in the Department of Biological Sciences, NUS, where he obtained his Ph.D in 2016. Next, he moved to Massachusetts General Hospital as a research fellow, working with Dr. David Langenau to create an immunocompromised zebrafish model that allows engraftment and growth of human cells. This work has resulted in the seminal publication at Cell in 2019, providing a novel xenotransplantation animal model that is useful in both basic biological and translational drug discovery studies. 

As a postdoctoral fellow at MGH, Chuan Yan has received fellowship supports from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Cancer Foundation, MGH ECOR and Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. In 2022, He was named as the Broad’s Institute Next Generation in Biomedicine, and an emerging investigator by PCRF. He joined IMCB as a junior investigator, hoping to establish a research program aimed at understanding therapy resistance mechanisms in liver cancer.