Caroline WEE


Caroline Wee received her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Psychology from Cornell University, and her PhD in Neurobiology from Harvard University (2016), under the supervision of Professor Florian Engert. After a brief post-doctoral stint in her PhD lab, she returned to Singapore in 2018 to conduct independent research on zebrafish appetite control in the lab of Senior Principal Investigator Sudipto Roy. She was promoted to Principal Investigator in 2021.

Her current research focuses on leveraging the larval zebrafish model to develop a holistic understanding of the gut-brain signaling pathways governing appetite, dietary decisions, and other behaviors such as stress or anxiety.

Caroline has won several significant fellowships and grants, including the A*STAR National Science Scholarship (NSS BS-PhD, 2006, 2010), National Medical Research Council Young Individual Research Grant (2020) and National Research Foundation Fellowship (Class of 2021). She is also a lead Principal Investigator for A*STAR’s Brain-Body Initiative.

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