RNAi Screening Facility

Email: lxavier@imcb.a-star.edu.sg   Tel: 6586 9583 

RNAi facility is a core facility of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, whose mission is to provide support to run phenotypic functional genomic screens. The IMCB RNAi screening facility was established within Frederic Bard’s laboratory in 2005 and was the first center in Singapore performing genome wide RNAi screening. 

Our RNAi facility offers:
Training and guidance to miniaturize cell based assay in 384 well based format for screening.
Access to ready to use arrayed siRNA library for mouse and human genome.
High content imaging and analysis/access/training with Opera Phenix
        and Operetta CLS     (Perkin Elmer) with Columbus Image analysis solution.
Training/Access to robotic solutions for automation of cell based assay. 

Overview of RNAi facility 

We additionally offer expertise/services for:  Next-Generation Sequencing 
We aim to support IMCB researchers with their diverse NGS projects, all the way from project planning to receiving sequencing data. Current standard protocols include RNA-Seq (rRNA-depletion/mRNA enrichment), low-input RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq. Our mission is to provide customized NGS solutions and methods for individual applications in cost- and time-efficient manner. 

We are currently developing service for functional genomics pool CrispR/Cas9 and CrispRI screens.

Our Teams