WizVision: Building Green Cities the Smart Way

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At a Glance:

• The built environment sector is stepping up efforts to make buildings more sustainable.

• Urban planners need easy-to-use tools to incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability into their work.

• WizVision has worked with A*STAR and commercialised ready technology to meet the industry’s needs.

Singapore is taking greater steps towards net zero, and working towards a greener, more sustainable and liveable environment.

In alignment with Singapore’s Green Plan, the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector has set new targets, to be more sustainable and energy efficient.

WizVision, a local software development house and system integrator, saw a business opportunity in this new growth area.

Advanced modelling tool that simplifies green urban planning

WizVision came across the Integrated Environmental Modeller Simulation (IEMSimTM) software in 2021.

The IEMSimTM is a multi-physics software that visualises complex and coupled interactions of environmental factors. The core technology stems from an advanced modelling tool developed by a team from A*STAR and HDB. It is able to capture the correlation of environmental factors such as natural ventilation, air temperature, and solar irradiance, and help urban planners visualise these complex interactions in an integrated manner.

At the time, WizVision was looking for strategic projects to drive business growth in the market of smart urban solutions and it saw a promising opportunity in IEMSimTM.

The software had huge potential to transform the built environment sector, but there was a gap in translating it for widespread adoption. It was designed for scientists and engineers, and it was challenging for the industry to use it in their everyday planning and design.

This was where WizVision came in.

“Our forte is in software development,” says Mr Lim Wee Kiat, Board of Director, WizVision. “We had the capability to refine the software, making it more accessible, improving the interface and providing a better user experience for users across the AEC industry.”

ASTAR_WizVision Building Green Cities the Smart Way _3d_1000x5003D visualisation of a city in IEMSimTM.

WizVision was drawn to IEMSimTM because they were certain that A*STAR’s technology was cutting-edge, which meant they could accelerate the journey towards a commercially-ready version.

Minimising R&D costs and accelerating time-to-market

WizVision came on board as A*STAR’s commercialisation partner, and licensed the IEMSimTM software.

With support from A*STAR’s IHPC, WizVision focused on enhancing the existing platform in terms of usability, scalability and efficiency.

The team is also working on hosting the enhanced software on the cloud. With this feature, users will not require a physical computer server, which typically costs upwards of S$15,000. Working on the cloud enables users to work remotely as well, and lowers the barrier for adoption.

Definitely, there are significant cost savings. If we were to research or develop such a technology in-house, it would have taken us at least a few years. By licensing the technology from A*STAR, we can go to market more quickly.

– Wee Kiat, Board of Director, WizVision

By licensing an existing technology, WizVision was also able to engage customers and industry partners, and gather their feedback on the usability and readiness of the market for such technology. With this feedback, WizVision could ensure that the end product will meet industry needs.

Tapping on a wealth of technical expertise and a well-connected network of partners

Beyond technology licensing, WizVision adds that A*STAR has been an invaluable partner in other ways.

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The A*STAR Enterprise team made introductions to prospective customers, which helped WizVision generate a pipeline of new business leads interested in IEMSimTM, as well as customers with other software needs.

“IHPC also introduced us to university lecturers and Heads of Department,” recalls Wee Kiat, “so that we can explore the use of IEMSimTM in built environment training.”

With A*STAR’s support, WizVision is excited to deliver an impactful product that will transform the built environment sector, and support the creation of more smart and sustainable cities in the future.