Please find below a listing of offerings that are ready for deployment to meet the immediate operational needs of SMEs. Companies can also look forward to implementing these solutions more easily and quickly under A*STAR’s experienced advice and guidance to improve their business efficiency and productivity.
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 Robust Speaker Recognition RSR2015 Speech Database A collection of voice data from 300 speakers (143 female and 157 male), with 657 utterances from each speaker. The database contains 151 hours of speech recording in total and occupies approximately 50 GB of storage space. RSR2015 Overview & Specifications 
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 TourSG: A Research Dialogue Corpus in the Touristic Domain  Consists of dialogue sessions on touristic information for Singapore. It was collected from Skype calls between actual tour guides and tourists. Two collections are available: one in English (EN-TourSG) and one in Chinese (ZH-TourSG).TourSG - More Information Samples
License English Dialogue Database Only 
License Chinese Dialogue Database Only
License English and Chinese Dialogue Databases