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A*STAR promotes innovation and entrepreneurial ethos through various initiatives, including A*StartCentral and Makerspace. At A*StartCentral, we nurture our spinoffs/startups to maximise the value of use-inspired basic research from A*STAR. Makerspace encourages the culture of innovation and creative collaboration amongst A*STAR researchers and engineers. We are committed to advance our enterprises to further economic growth and create good job opportunities for Singapore.


  • Want to bring an idea to life? 
  • Looking for collaborators to generate new ideas? 
  • Are you interested in hacking and putting together a prototype for your  research project? 

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, A*STAR’s Makerspace is the  perfect tinkering ground for you!  

Makerspace is a collaborative workspace at A*StartCentral for researchers,  scientists, engineers, and aspiring entrepreneurs to tinker and prototype new ideas using various tools and materials. A*STAR’s Makerspace provides the platform to  foster cross-pollination of ideas and interactions amongst like-minded souls.  

Jointly managed by A*StartCentral and Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR’s Makerspace  hosts a suite of equipment and software such as 3D printers, milling and cutting  machines and development kits. 

Check out the list of equipment here!

We provide a series of programmes such as design thinking workshop, equipment familiarisation and product design masterclass, to help you get your creative process started.

To get immersed in this Makerspace, head over to A*StartCentral or drop us an email to find out more!

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experience startup life

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Immerse yourself in the start-up world through various possibilities:
  • Be a founder/ co-founder of a deep tech startup
  • Join a startup as core team members via:
A*StartCentral organises monthly 1:1 closed session for A*STAR staff on the last Friday of every month. The session is held in confidence. If you are keen to explore possible avenues in the deep tech industry, or have any burning questions in starting a deep tech company, this is for you. This is a great opportunity to get advice on various innovation & entrepreneurial matters.

Drop us an email at 


Talent undergirds a successful enterprise, we are dedicated to inspire and nurture  our talents. Through various workshops and masterclasses, we empower our people  to be comfortable with the unknown, and prepare founders to be familiar with the  startup journey. Our mission is to help to bring talented minds to market.  
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For more information, contact us at A*StartCentral to learn more about the upcoming program.


A*STAR spinoff refers to a new company formed to undertake further development and commercialisation of A*STAR intellectual properties.

The A*STAR Spinoff Policy aims to provide guidelines by which:
a. A*STAR plays an active role in the development of its spinoffs to benefit the Singapore economy; and
b. A*STAR may be personally involved in spinoffs

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Note: Staff involvement in A*STAR spinoff is subject to approval, and prevailing contracts and guidelines.

For more information, please visit A*STAR Connect and search for ASTAR Spinoff Policy (A*STAR Staff only).