A*STAR Partners' Centre (A*PC)



Venture into China’s vibrant market; gain access to networks and leverage on expertise for expansion in Asia

APC Facade

The new A*STAR Partners’ Centre (A*PC) serves as a launchpad for Singapore companies, offering funding and infrastructure support for their expansion and R&D productisation journey in China via Suzhou Industrial Park.

Launched on 18 November 2020, A*PC is strategically located for firms in areas such as the biomedical science, nanotechnology, and advanced manufacturing space to capture opportunities in Jiangsu and the greater Yangtze River Delta region.

Companies who are invited to join A*PC will be able to tap on available funding and leverage A*STAR’s scientific expertise and capabilities to establish a presence in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

Drive innovation at a*pc's co-sharing facilities

APC Co-working space
Co-working Space

APC Exhibition Gallery
Exhibition Gallery

APC Event Hall
Event Hall

APC open lab benches
Open Lab Benches

APC Lab equipments
Lab Equipment

APC Modular Lab
Modular Lab

Plug into a vibrant ecosystem

The key to growth comes from having good support and the right ecosystem.

Our Centre’s facilities, such as laboratories, are equipped with biomedical equipment that can significantly reduce your setup costs and allow your business to plug-and-play, and launch quickly. Bringing together A*STAR’s partners within one location at the A*PC fosters stronger collaboration and synergy among the companies. Tapping on our Centre’s network, as well as the research and talent ecosystem within the SIP, enables your business to accelerate the development of market-fit products and shorten the duration from lab to market.

As a partner company, you will receive:

  • Funding support through the A*STAR-SIP Grant (subject to panel evaluation)
  • Co-development opportunities of R&D competencies and target technologies with A*STAR in Singapore
  • Access to A*PC facilities and equipment: A range of facilities from office suites, event spaces, and meeting rooms to Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) laboratory spaces spanning 3,500 sqm over five levels within the A*PC building
  • Access to housing for key talents
  • Access to market access programmes to better understand the China market needs and navigate regulatory requirements
  • Opportunities to connect and collaborate with other A*STAR partners at the A*PC to accelerate the development of market-fit products for the Chinese domestic market


A*PC Partners

Dr Min-Han Tan


Through the setup in A*PC, we aim to serve the entire Chinese market. We can help connect top-notch researchers in Singapore and China to better support cancer patients and introduce Singapore biomedical technologies into China, a move that will benefit the sector in both countries

Dr Tan Min-Han, CEO of Lucence

Whizpace Oh Ser Wah


A*PC’s green-lane arrangement with the Suzhou Industrial Park government has helped us navigate the Chinese government schemes more efficiently. We were fortunate to be in the pioneer batch of this arrangement and look forward to growing in Suzhou with A*PC.

Dr Oh Ser Wah, CEO, Whizpace

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