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Launching a startup is exciting, but growing a startup remains challenging for many. A*StartCentral has helped early-stage deep tech startups in their entrepreneurial process, and guide startups to venture beyond the little red dot. Be part of our community to enjoy our suite of programmes and services, carefully curated for deep-tech.

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Access to A*Star technology and talent

The key to unlock a successful startup comes from both its deep technology core and its talent skills.

We explore your needs. We recommend suitable A*STAR technologies and connect you to A*STAR talent pool for your startup.

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For more info on Innovation Offerings, read HERE.
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For more info on T-up programme, read HERE.

Boosting your investment chance

Raising money as an early stage deep tech startup can be extremely challenging.

With our tailored training and guidance, we prepare you for your next fundraising round.

Startup sg founder grant

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A*StartCentral is also an Accredited Mentor Partners (AMP) for StartupSG Founder Grant. We identify and recommend qualifying applicants for funding support based on the uniqueness of business concept, feasibility of business model, strength of management team and potential market value. Some of our awardees include Myrlabs, Lexagle, and Augmentus.

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A*StartCentral is an Entrepass Partner of Startup SG Talent. As a government-recognised incubator enabling research collaborations with A*STAR’s research institutes, we support Singapore-based startups, entrepreneurs, innovators or investors in entering and establishing innovative and deep-tech startups in Singapore.

Find out more on the eligibility criteria to apply for Entrepass HERE.