The Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) initiative aims to second A*STAR Research Scientists & Engineers (RSEs) to local enterprises to build/ upgrade their in-house R&D capabilities.

The annual T-Up Awards recognise the outstanding performance of A*STAR RSEs seconded to the industry under the T-Up scheme, whose contributions have helped companies achieve significant outcomes of their businesses. 

The T-Up Excellence Awards celebrate the secondees' exceptional contributions to the SME ecosystem by developing innovative, marketable products and improving the R&D capabilities of the companies, whilst the T-Up Emerging Talent Awards recognise the secondees for their potential to meet industry needs and help local enterprises grow. 

In 2022, the newly introduced T-Up Eagles Awards commend up-and-coming Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) student innovators who have excelled in their work attachments at local enterprises under the T-Up/Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) partnership. 

Our 2022 Award Winners

T-Up Excellence and Emerging Talent Awards

T-Up Eagles Awards