About the Grant

The MTC Programmatic Funding Initiative (FI) supports long term, capability-building projects that have the potential to deliver significant impact to Singapore, typically beyond a five year timeframe.

These projects typically correspond to low Technological Readiness Levels (TRL) of 2-4.

A*STAR has been appointed as the Implementing Agency for the MTC Programmatic FI.

More details can be found in the Info Deck and FAQ.

A list of projects previously awarded under AME Programmatic can be found here.


Open to all public research performers in Singapore.

Lead PI and Team PI(s) must be Principal Investigators with primary appointments at a local publicly-funded research institution.

  • Lead PI: Overall lead in the conduct of the Research from the Host Institution.
  • Team PI: Representative leading the conduct of the Research at the Partner Institution.

Application Procedure

The MTC Programmatic FI will be implemented primarily through thematic calls and directed programme proposals.

Announcements will be made periodically to inform or solicit proposals from the research community on key focus areas, via public workshops and grant calls.

Researchers can also submit applications that are aligned with the objective of the funds. Letter of Intent (LOI) can be submitted throughout the year to using the requisite templates:-

Applications must be endorsed by the applying Host institution(s) prior to submission.

Please refer to this guide for Milestone & Benchmark Settings.

All applications must be submitted through A*STAR (as Implementing agency) at

For Enquiries

For any clarifications, please contact the MTC Programmatic Secretariat at