About the Grant
  • The MTC Programmatic Funding Initiative (FI) supports long term, capability-building projects that have the potential to deliver significant impact to Singapore, typically beyond a five year timeframe.

  • These projects typically correspond to low Technological Readiness Levels (TRL) of 2-4.

  • A*STAR has been appointed as the Implementing Agency for the MTC Programmatic FI.

  • More details can be found in the Info Deck and FAQ.

  • A list of projects previously awarded under AME Programmatic can be found here.
  • Open to all public research performers in Singapore.

  • Lead PI and Team PI(s) must be Principal Investigators with primary appointments at a local publicly-funded research institution.

  • Lead PI: Overall lead in the conduct of the Research from the Host Institution.
  • Team PI: Representative leading the conduct of the Research at the Partner Institution.

Application Procedure
  • The MTC Programmatic FI will be implemented primarily through thematic calls and directed programme proposals.

  • Announcements will be made periodically to inform or solicit proposals from the research community on key focus areas, via public workshops and grant calls.

  • Researchers can also submit applications that are aligned with the objective of the funds. Letter of Intent (LOI) can be submitted throughout the year to using the requisite templates:-
  • Letter of Intent Template
    Full proposal template
    Budget Template
    MTC Focus Areas

  • Applications must be endorsed by the applying Host institution(s) prior to submission.

  • Please refer to this guide for Milestone & Benchmark Settings.

  • All applications must be submitted through A*STAR (as Implementing agency) at programmatic_ame@hq.a
For Enquiries
For any clarifications, please contact the MTC Programmatic Secretariat at