DxD Hub is a one-of-a-kind organisation dedicated to leading MedTech innovation through partnerships and an undiminished passion for creating positive health outcomes. As well-recognised productisation experts, we partner with some of the most exciting companies to successfully bring their products to market.

Our Focus Area

DxD Hub projects in RIE2025 to focus thematically on:

  • Precision Medicine
  • Women’s Health
  • Infectious Diseases

In Precision Medicine, we are broadening our strategy to utilise our strength as a regional leader in diagnostics. While cancer is still an area of active interest—as exemplified by our development projects for breast cancer—we are further expanding our reach, by engaging in projects around Asian phenotype. 

In Women's Health, we committed our resources to co-develop innovations centered on women's cancers, as well as pre-natal and early childhood development. Investment in this space is increasing exponentially, and national initiatives like GUSTO ensure that there will be a continued supply of crucial data and IP assets for collaboration. 

Finally, in Infectious Diseases (IDs), we will continue to build a portfolio of projects to contribute to pandemic readiness, as well as to combat other IDs relevant and prevalent in the Southeast Asian region.

The Power in Partnerships

Coming up with a medical device is more than just an idea. It's a passion for pushing the boundaries of human health. Together with leading MedTech professionals, inspiring national partners, and fellow collaborators in Singapore, DxD Hub strives to be the go-to end-to-end expert that takes your proprietary ideas and turns them into innovative medical devices that can address prevalent diseases in Asia.


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Growing List of Partners

With continued success across multiple collaborations, DxD Hub is the go-to partner for accelerated development of diagnostics solutions.