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Built on a culture of innovation and inclusion, DxD Hub provides you with rare and exciting career opportunities across the following main categories:

Business Development

Our Business Development team dedicates itself to driving collaboration between industry and the public sector. We aim to address unmet clinical needs within and beyond the local ecosystem, by forging strategic partnerships that fosters innovation. Through joint efforts, we accelerate the development of new technologies, enabling better accessibility to healthcare. 

Clinical Laboratory (ClinLab)

For our Clinical Laboratory (ClinLab) team, our focus is on the acceleration of the development and deployment of cutting-edge diagnostics that have the potential to transform healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes. We serve as the pilot deployment centre for innovative tests developed by DxD Hub and its strategic partners in Singapore, as well as the greater ASEAN region.

Corporate Services

As the Corporate Services Team, we seek to improve operational efficiency, facilitate connections with the broader ecosystem, and support effective decision-making. Our team manages and collaborates with resources partners at A*STAR to provide critical support across key business functions, including: Operations, Governance and Management Support, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, IT, Communications and Process Improvement. We ensure that our teams have the resources they need to achieve their goals, by maintaining strong connections with stakeholders across the ecosystem. 

Digital Diagnostics

Our Digital Diagnostics team prides itself on being the forefront of digital technology, one of the most exciting areas for professionals looking to build a thriving career in health-tech. Our versatile line-up of project managers, software engineers, and data scientists are dedicated to driving digital projects and supporting promising start-ups. By leveraging on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advance the quality of healthcare, our team delivers innovative solutions that help transform healthcare for the better. 


Integrated Medical Technologies (IMT)

Our Integrated Medical Technologies (IMT) team consists of experts in mechanical, electronic, and firmware engineering; as well as physics, physical chemistry, and bio-physics. Established in early-2021, our team specializes in the integration of medical devices to automate IVD assays, by bringing together the technical and scientific aspects of IVD automation. 

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)

Our In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) team is actively involved throughout the product development life cycle of an IVD medical device. We specialise in molecular and protein diagnostics, including NGS, qPCR, LFA, ELISA, and cytology. We collaborate closely with a diverse range of stakeholders, such as companies, scientists, regulatory affairs experts, and healthcare professionals. Our involvement throughout the product development life cycle enables us to optimize, implement, and deliver high quality diagnostic devices with improved accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility in healthcare settings. 


Outreach & Talent Development

Our Outreach & Talent team focuses on bridging gaps between DxD Hub and our industry partners. Promoting our achievements is critical to establishing ourselves as a thought-leader in the field of diagnostics, and it is important to us that we can communicate our successes effectively. We are committed to fostering the personal and professional growth of individuals, and through our outreach and development initiatives, we aim to engage with like-minded partners in order to build a thriving ecosystem that supports the growth and success of all involved.  

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs (QARA)

When it comes to Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs (QARA), we believe that quality is not an act; it’s habit. As champions of Quality Management, we play a critical role in upholding the Quality Management System (QMS) at DxD Hub. We ensure that all product design and development processes meet the highest safety and compliance standards. To achieve this, we work closely with departments across the organisation, ensuring that all activities align with the QMS framework. 


The DxD Hub Experience

As a scientist at DxD Hub, I enjoy being in the laboratory optimizing the experiments and validating the results obtained. Louis Pasteur once said, “Without laboratories men of science are soldiers without arms.” Only through this thorough verification process in the laboratory, the team at DxD Hub can translate the ideas in the minds into clinically validated diagnostic devices out into the market for the betterment of healthcare. I am proud to be part of the big DxD Hub family.

Dr Alvin Wee
IVD Division

DxD Hub is analogous to an institution; it nurtures and supports people to grow to their success. Being part of the Quality Assurance Team, I am grateful for the training and opportunities provided to enhance myself in this field. It has indeed aided me to ensure that our products and results are of quality and are compliant with the established standards. In DxD Hub, we not only deliver quality outcomes but also produce them with confidence.

Ms Nurul Zafirah

As a product developer, one of my favorite quotes is “It is not about ideas; it is about making ideas into reality." At DxD Hub, we work on innovative ideas and turn them into reality. I am delighted to be part of DxD Hub.

Mr Henry Johnson
Digital Health

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