Types of DHA Projects:

1. Productisation (TRL 4-7)

For innovators who have a proof of concept and are trying to establish the product’s proof-of-value and gain regulatory clearance in Singapore


2. Commercialisation (TRL 7-9)

For innovators who have market-ready or near market ready solutions and are trying to commercialise their products in Singapore


What can be considered for DHA projects?

Digital innovations that address a medical or operational issue within Singapore's healthcare system and demonstrate potential to attract customers outside of Singapore are eligible to apply for DHA. 

To make this determination, we have gathered a group of digital health specialists from both the healthcare sector and the private industry, with both local and global experience who will evaluate projects based on this broad evaluation criteria:


To learn more about our onboarding process, click here.

If you have or know of a product or solution that addresses a medical or operational challenge within Singapore's healthcare system and has the potential to attract customers beyond Singapore’s borders, please reach out to us at DHA@dxdhub.sg for any questions.

If you are interested in transforming the digital health landscape here in Singapore by joining our team, apply here for our open positions: 

What are you waiting for? DHA is open for business!