To do needs-driven, impact-focused research to promote the health and human capacity of Singapore.

It is indeed my pleasure that you’ve stopped by the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, a research institution of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore.

In my view, the work of preventive health and maximizing human potential is seemingly simple, yet in its constituents, a complex bed of factors. We try to make the everyday choices positively matter not just for the immediate, but for sustainable health through every life stage.

As Executive Director, I am proud to lead a team of independent programs and investigators, both senior and emerging alike, that comprise a diversity of knowledge, experience and ideas.
The Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences was founded in 2006 precisely on this interaction of disciplines, and remains dynamic to capture opportunities that improve our core business of metabolic and neurocognitive health. We are closely aligned with research and policy priorities at both the national and international level, and have an extensive network of alumni and associates in academia, industry and government to rapidly channel our efforts to application.

As we continue to progress, I fully expect new adventures and findings, and hope to continue to nurture this as a place both for the rapid cultivation of clinical research ideas in metabolic and neurocognitive health, as well as the growth of a clinical research community in Singapore and Asia.

May our collective thoughts and research interests inspire you to share your own.

-Chong Yap Seng (Director)


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