T-Up Excellence Awards

The Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) initiative aims to second A*STAR Research Scientists & Engineers (RSEs) to local technology-intensive enterprises for the upgrading of their Research and Development (R&D) capabilities. With this initiative, local enterprises may engage A*STAR RSEs from A*STAR Research Institutes (RIs) to assist in R&D activities.

A*STAR organises the Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) Excellence Awards to recognise outstanding T-Up RSEs who have made impactful contributions to local enterprises, and have played important roles in building a knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy through the T-Up Scheme.
  • The Award, held in conjunction with the annual SME Day event, is open to T-Up RSEs who have completed their secondment to local enterprises.
  • Cash prizes will be given out to a maximum of three award winners each year by the attending Guest-of-Honour.
  • Publicity efforts will be made to profile award winners and the companies that they were seconded to.


T-Up Excellence Award 2019

Selection criteria

Nominations should be made based on the following criteria:

Nomination Criteria

  • The award is open to research staff from A*STAR RIs who have officially completed their secondment (by 31 Oct 2018) to local enterprises via the T-Up scheme.
  • Current and previous employees of A*STAR RIs can be nominated.
  • Past winners of any T-Up Excellence Awards are not eligible for the award.
  • Additional supporting information on the outcome of the T-Up project (e.g. awards, patents’ filed, customer testimonial etc.) should be included to further support and substantiate the nomination.

Nomination Form and Process
  • Nominations are open from 19 October 2018 to 17 December 2018.
  • Candidates for the award shall be nominated by companies. Click here to download the nomination form.
  • Completed Nomination Forms should be sent by e-mail and be addressed to the Award Secretariat at
  • If e-mail is not available, a hard copy of the form may be sent by regular mail to: 
  • Award Secretariat, T-Up Excellence Awards 2019
    c/o Agency for Science, Technology and Research
    Science and Engineering Research Council
    1 Fusionopolis Way, #18-10, Connexis North
    Singapore 138632

  • The nomination form must reach the Award Secretariat no later than 17 December 2018.
  • Should the quality of all entries not meet the standard required, the judging panel reserves the right not to declare winners. 
Guidelines for Resubmission of Nomination   
  • Past winners of T-Up Excellence Awards are not eligible for the award. 
  • Re-submission of previous nominations is allowed. Additional supporting information should be included in order to further support and substantiate the nomination. 
  • Previous nominations by companies can be resubmitted for T-Up Excellence Awards 2019; there are no limits to the number of such re-submissions.
  • The nominators who are resubmitting their nominations are encouraged to include additional write-ups in any of the judging criteria to further support and substantiate their nomination.