Intelligent wireless charging platform

Ref: S0036

Research Institutes: Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)

Tech readiness: Prototype

Intellectual Property: Design, Software

Category: Manufacturing - Assembly, Automation & Robotics

Author: Chee Kim


Intelligent Wireless Charging will play a key part in providing reliable, convenient and safe technology to power and charge electrical devices. It enables simple and elegant auto charging which eliminates the need of any human intervention and this results in making full autonomous systems possible. With wireless charging, devices will no longer needs connector or contact point and this solves the problem of product failure due to connector fatigue. This will greatly increase the reliability and prolong the life of the product. Other benefits of wireless charging solution include minimizing risk of electrocution since they are enclosed with no exposed electrical contacts as well as the ability to do dynamic charging.

Our Innovation

The intelligent and secured Wireless Charging Modules provide safe and highly efficient wireless charging for electric-powered autonomous and semi-autonomous systems used in manufacturing, logistics and security industries.

Key Features includes:
• Highly efficient charging under misalignment conditions

• Uniquely secured authentication system to avoid unintended charging

• Constant battery health monitoring capability

• Highly customizable and scalable for different industries

Potential Applications

Wireless charging for autonomous or semi-autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Charging of industrial electric powered system such as service robots

Enable drone system with wireless charging capability to achieve 100% autonomous operation, i.e. 24x7 surveillance system

Our Value Proposition

Based on a market report published by MarketsandMarkets on March 2017, the global market for wireless power transmission is expected to grow from US$3.98 billion in 2017 to US$11.27 billion by 2022.

High growth prospects in the industrial and robotics applications is expected to create new business opportunities in this market. In industries where environment is wet, dirty, and dynamic, the wireless power transmission can play a significant role. Many times, due to industrial environment or due to technical difficulties, the usage of normal wiring becomes difficult. Therefore, the wireless power connectivity can be adopted.

Wireless power transmission in robotics, especially for drones, is also gaining traction and this creates opportunities. The Compounded Annual Growth Rate for electric vehicle charging and industrial are at a high 75% and 52% respectively for the reported period
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