News Room

Wednesday, 23 Dec 2020
Lgr5 Marks Adult Progenitor Cells Contributing to Skeletal Muscle Regeneration and Sarcoma Formation

Tuesday, 1 Dec 2020
NAIL: an evolutionarily conserved lncRNA essential for licensing coordinated activation of p38 and NFκB in colitis

Wednesday, 11 Nov 2020
Defining Essential Enhancers for Pluripotent Stem Cells Using a Features-Oriented CRISPR-Cas9 Screen

Wednesday, 4 Nov 2020
Whole Exome Analyses of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy and Congenital Myopathy Patients from India Reveal a Wide Spectrum of Known and Novel Mutations

Thursday, 1 Oct 2020
ELKS1 controls mast cell degranulation by regulating the transcription of Stxbp2 and Syntaxin 4 via Kdm2b stabilization

Thursday, 24 Sep 2020
Congratulations to IMCB's latest PhD graduate - Kerem FIDAN

Thursday, 17 Sep 2020
Diversification of reprogramming trajectories revealed by parallel single-cell transcriptome and chromatin accessibility sequencing

Thursday, 10 Sep 2020
A multifunctional role of Leucine-rich-alpha 2 glycoprotein 1 in cutaneous wound healing under normal and diabetic conditions

Thursday, 3 Sep 2020
Conservation as well as divergence in Mcidas function underlies the differentiation of multiciliated cells in vertebrates

Tuesday, 18 Aug 2020
Parallel bimodal single-cell sequencing of transcriptome and chromatin accessibility

Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020
Global translation during early development depends on the essential transcription factor PRDM10

Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020
Congratulations to IMCB’s latest PhD graduate – Mert Burak OZTURK

Wednesday, 22 Jul 2020
Monoclonal antibodies for the S2 subunit of spike of SARS-CoV-1 cross-react with the newly-emerged SARSCoV-2

Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020
Congratulations to IMCB’s latest PhD graduate – Linh NGUYEN

Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020
Congratulations to IMCB’s latest PhD graduate – Max KOSOK

Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020
Biodegradable Polymeric Multilayer Capsules for Therapy of Lung Cancer

Tuesday, 23 Jun 2020
Congratulations to IMCB’s latest PhD graduate – Lucy SHARPLES

Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020
BCL-xL/BCL2L1 is a critical anti-apoptotic protein that promotes the survival of differentiating pancreatic cells from human pluripotent stem cells

Tuesday, 9 Jun 2020
Reissner fibre-induced urotensin signalling from cerebrospinal fluid-contacting neurons prevents scoliosis of the vertebrate spine

Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020
Dun1, a Chk2-related kinase, is the central regulator of securin-separase dynamics during DNA damage signaling

Tuesday, 26 May 2020
Congratulations to IMCB’s latest PhD graduate – Larry LOO

Tuesday, 19 May 2020
Infertility-Causing Haploinsufficiency Reveals TRIM28/KAP1 Requirement in Spermatogonia

Tuesday, 12 May 2020
Chromosome-level assembly of the horseshoe crab genome provides insights into its genome evolution

Tuesday, 5 May 2020
Comprehensive Proteomic Characterization Reveals Subclass-Specific Molecular Aberrations within Triple-negative Breast Cancer

Monday, 20 Jan 2020
Maternal factor NELFA drives a 2C-like state in mouse embryonic stem cells